Collection: Name and Photo Bangles - Personalized Name and Photo Bangles Set

Name and Photo Bangles

Name and Photo Bangles are personalized jewelry items that feature the names or photographs of loved ones. These bangles are popular for sentimental and commemorative purposes, making them a meaningful and cherished accessory. They are typically made of various materials, including metals like Acrylic / Seep, or Lac, and can be customized to include names, initials, or even photographs of Couple, family members, friends, or significant others.

Name Bangles often feature engraved names or initials, while Photo Bangles can display a small photograph encased in a locket or as part of the bangle's design. These pieces of jewelry serve as a beautiful way to keep the memories of loved ones close, and they can be worn daily or on special occasions.

Name and Photo Bangles are not only popular for personal use but are also given as thoughtful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. They offer a personal touch that adds sentimental value to the jewelry, making them a symbol of love, connection, and cherished memories.