Collection: Bridal Bangles - Bangles Set For Wedding


Bridal bangles, also known as a Bridal Chura, are a significant and traditional accessory worn by brides in India. These bangles are distinct from regular bangles due to their unique characteristics.

The bridal bangles are usually a set of bangles made of a special material called "Lac and Acrylic / Seep." The choora bangles are typically made of Lac or a combination of Acrylic / Seep and other materials. They are available in sets with an even number of bangles, usually in multiples of four or more.

A significant aspect of the bridal bangles is the ritual surrounding their application. These bangles are typically given to the bride by her maternal uncle (mama) during a pre-wedding ceremony. The bride's maternal relatives, especially the women, help her put on the choora bangles. It's believed that the bride must wear the choora for a specific period, often several weeks, following the wedding. During this time, the bride is exempted from doing household chores, symbolizing a period of rest and pampering.

The red and white colors of the chooda are considered auspicious in Hindu and Sikh cultures, symbolizing fertility, marital bliss, and purity. As time passes, the bride may replace the chooda with other bangles, but the chooda remains a cherished symbol of her wedding and holds a special place in her heart.

Bridal bangles or wedding chooda are not only a beautiful and meaningful part of the bride's wedding attire but also a testament to the rich cultural traditions and symbolism in Indian weddings.