Collection: Kaleera

"Kaleera" is a traditional and ornate accessory worn by brides in North India, particularly in Punjabi and Sikh wedding ceremonies. These beautiful hanging ornaments are attached to the bride's chura, which is a set of bangles traditionally worn by the bride.

Kaleeras are typically made of metal, often gold or silver, and are crafted with intricate designs. They consist of umbrella-shaped or bell-shaped structures adorned with small, tinkling bells, beads, and sometimes even small trinkets. These ornaments are meant to symbolize good luck and prosperity in the bride's married life.

One of the most significant traditions associated with kaleeras is the kaleera dropping ceremony. During this ritual, the bride's friends and family members hang the kaleeras from her wrists. She then shakes her arms over the heads of unmarried girls, and it is believed that if a piece of kaleera falls on someone, it is a sign that she will be the next to get married.

Kaleeras are not just symbolic but also add a touch of elegance and charm to the bride's overall attire. They are an essential part of North Indian bridal jewelry, representing not only cultural significance but also the beauty and traditions of a wedding ceremony in the region.